All Main meals served with one of the following:

Chips. Veggies of the day. Rosemary Baby Potatoes. Sweet Potato. Rice & Gravy. Mash & Gravy.

Pap & Sheba. Green Salad. Braai Broodtjie

( extra side R20.00)


Paternoster Hake 270g: Hake grilled / deep fried with tartare sauce R110.00

Prawn Platter: Queen prawns in Garlic / Peri-peri / Lemon /

x 6 R125.00 x 12 R165.00 x 24 R295.00

Squid Heads 250g: Deep fried with tartare sauce R95.00

Houtbay Snoek 350g: Grilled and basted with lemon, garlic, apricot jam R130.00

Sole 270g: Grilled in Lemon/ Garlic butter to perfection R185.00

Lamberstbaai Seafood Platter: 1 Hake fillet, 4 prawns, 2 crab sticks, 6 black mussels,

1 calamari. 1 x    R175.00 2 x  (the above X 2)  R310.00

Seafood Paella: Seafood mix prepared the Bushveld way R110.00

MEAT: Steaks ( Beef aged 14 days)





200G   R95.00

200G     R95.00

250G   R135.00

350G   R105.00

300G   R135.00

300G     R135.00

350G   R155.00

500G   R145.00

500G   R155.00

500G     R155.00


800G   R185.00

Compliment your steak with one of the following toppings at R25.00 extra:

Snails / Chicken livers / Cheese / Jalapenos / Small Prawns:

Crumbed Rump 300g : Served with monkey glad sauce    R155.00

Herb Fillet 250g: Fillet steak covered in an herb butter sauce   R155.00

Big Five Chop 600g: Prime Rib marinade in red wine & garlic  R 130.00

Big Five Chop 1Kg: Prime Rib marinade in red wine & garlic  R170.00

Ostrich Fillet 250g: Fillet grilled with a garlic & herb sauce   R150.00

Carpetbagger 300g: Sirloin steak with a mussel filling topped with cheese R155.00


Lamb Loin Chops x 3 : Flame Grilled chops with a Smokey BBQ sauce R155.00

Lamb Stew: Slowly cooked in brown gravy, served with rice  R155.00


Grilled Baby Chicken: Peri-Peri / Lemon & Herb  R120.00

Chicken Schnitzel: Crumbed breasts with mushroom/cheese sauce

SINGLE: R110.00             DOUBLE: R130.00


Eisbein + – 1Kg: Pork knuckle slow cooked and crispy   R145.00

Spare Ribs: 400g  R110.00 /  600g  R155.00 /  1Kg  R220.00

Loin Chops: 2 Chops, Crumbed or Grilled    R110.00

Smoked Neck: Grilled pork neck slices   R110.00


Pizza Steak: Rump steak 300g topped with bacon, ham, onions, green pepper, mushroom,

cheese    R155.00

Beef ” Soccer Ball” 300g: Crumbed steak, filled with ham, biltong, cheese   R155.00

Chicken ” Bullet ” Crumbed chicken breasts with bacon & cheese

SINGLE:    R110.00           DOUBLE:    R130.00

Oxtail Potjie: Slowly cooked in a red wine sauce with rice    R155.00


Served with: Penne / Spaghetti / Fettuccine / Shells

Alfredo: Ham, Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese   R85.00

Seafood: Mixed seafood in a tomato sauce   R110.00

Meat Balls: Cooked in a tomato and herb sauce   R85.00

Chicken Supreme: Bacon, Chicken, Feta, Olive  R85.00


Buffalo Wings:  6 x  R75.00:  /  12 x R145.00  / 24 x R220.00. Served with Chips Plain / Spicy.

Chicken Strips: 6 x Crumbed strips & Chips  R75.00

Big Five Basket: Chicken strips / Ribs / Wings / Cheese grillers & Chips    R110.00

Rib Basket: Pork Ribs 400g & Chips    R110.00

Seafood Basket: Prawns / Fish Bites / Calamari / Mussels & Chips   R110.00

Mixed Grill: Rib 200g / Steak 150g / Wors / Chicken Drumstick  x 1 R110.00

x  2  R180.00                 


Burgers made with a home-made beef patty(150g). Served with chips or a side salad:

Big Five Burger  R85.00

Cheese Burger   R85.00

Hawaii Burger  R85.00                               

Chicken Burger   R75.00

Rib Burger  R75.00

Sloppy Joe`s Burger

Bunny Chow ( Chicken / Beef ) 

Loaf  1/2     R85.00            Loaf 1/4   R75.00       


Burgers made with tender love and care served with chips or side salad:

Hungry Lion Burger ( +- 500g ) R120.00

Double Stack Cheese Burger   R110.00

Bacon Burger R95.00

Double Prego Steak Burger R110.00

Cheesy Garlic ” Boerie” loaf R95.00


Bush Pizza: Oven-baked in an enamel plate with bacon, ham, salami, onion,

green pepper, mushroom, cheese  R85.00

Focaccia: Pizza base with tomato, herb, garlic, cheese  R75.00              


Mixed Pepper, Garlic, Lemon Butter, Monkey Gland, BBQ, Peri-Peri   R20.00

Mushroom, Cheese, Blue Cheese     R25.00 


Hamburger & Chips   R45.00

Ribs & Chips   R45.00

Fish Fingers & Chips  R25.00

Vienna & Chips   R25.00 

Chicken Nuggets & Chips   R35.00

Hot Dog & Chips     R25.00


Chocolate Fondue: Served with strawberries: Marshmallows: Finger biscuits   R55.00

Ice cream & Chocolate sauce R45.00

Fruit Pavlova: Mini meringue filled with fruit, topped with cream/ ice cream    R55.00

Chocolate Mousse   R45.00

Waffle: Served with cream/ice cream   R45.00