West Coast Snails: Small Prawns with creamy garlic, topped with cheese  R65.00

Cheesy Garlic Loaf: Medium R30.00 Large R45.00

Calamari Rings150g: Deep fried, served with rice & tartare sauce R65.00

Mussel Pot: Black half shell mussels in creamy garlic & white wine R65.00

Cheesy Garlic Snails: Snails in a bun with creamy garlic topped with cheese R65.00

Chicken Livers: BBQ or Peri-Peri R65.00

Crumbed Mushrooms: Deep fried, served with garlic /tartare sauce R55.00

Tarantula Wings: 6 Full wings with BBQ or Peri-Peri sauce R65.00


Big 5 Salad: Lettuce / Peppers / Onion / Tomato / Mushroom / Bacon / Gherkin`s /

Pineapple / Feta     R75.00 

Chicken Salad: Lettuce / Onion / Peppers / Tomato / Chicken strips / Mushroom    R75.00

French Salad: Lettuce / Peppers / Onion / Mushroom / Tomato / Cucumber   R65.00

Greek Salad: Lettuce / Peppers / Onion / Tomato / Olives / Feta / 

Mushrooms / Cucumber    R65.00